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Eggroll or Fresh Lupia Wrapper  

Posted by Life Moto in

Eggroll or Fresh Lupia Wrapper


  1. 3 Large Eggs
  2. 1 Cup cornstarch
  3. 2 tbbsp cooking oil
  4. 11/2 Cup of water
  5. MSG
  6. Salt
  7. Yellow food coloring (optional)


  1. Beat eggs, add water, cornstarch and food coloring. Mix until well blended.
  2. Use a flat pan.. Heat to medium temperature, Put oil.
  3. Stir the mixture. Pour 1/4 cup of mixture in a pre heat pan.
  4. Spread the misxture thinly and evenly in circular shape.
  5. When the edges of the wrapper separate from the pan, it is done.
  6. Remove it immediately.

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