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Chicken Pastel Ni Kuya Lito  

Posted by Life Moto in ,

Chicken Pastels Ni Kuya Lito

Here are the recipes ni K Lito:

 Chop chickens 

 Green Bell Pepper

 Red Bell Pepper



 Green Peas

 Mushroom Slice


 Grated Cheese


Fish Sauce
Cooking Oil
Here are the Procedures Ni Kuya Lito:

Saute the garlic and onions with cooking oil. Put the chicken and Stir.  For more taste put some fish sauce as your taste desire.  

 Put the potatoes and carrots. Stir with a smile!

 Put the sliced hotdogs

 Follow by the grated cheese

 Don't forget the milk

 Put the peas

 Put Green Bell Peppers

  Put Red Bell Peppers

And here is your Chicken Pastel .  Taste Moto!

Thank to Kuya Lito for this delicious and colorful Chicken Pastel recipe.