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Fish Ball - Filipino Style O1  

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Fish Ball - Filipino Style

Fish balls is one of the favorite con gee for the Asian food. You can order them from Asian food restaurant. Supermarket of Mall food stall. I love the taste of it, of course when you dip it with there sweet and sour chili sauce.

In the Philippines we love fish balls, specially when you hear the tik-tak sound of there frying pan as they approaching. If you can not go to the malls to grab one, definitely the fish ball vendors will come to you. They are every where around the city. Or should I say they have a suki (regular customers). In same time of the day their sukis are waiting for them. The fun thing is that when you surround the cart while rushing to stick on the fish balls.

Image by cb_agulto

For recipes of Fish Ball - Filipino Style O1


1) 2 Carrots - Chopped
2) 2 Potatoes - Chopped
3) 1 Head Garlic – Minced
4) 2 Eggs
5) ¾ - 1 ¼ Cups of Cornstarch
6) Ginger –
7) Pepper – grounded
8) 1 Kilo Fish (Lalu-lapu ,talakitok,apahap, maya-maya, or carp)
9) MSG (Vetsin) soysauce


1) Boil the fish for 3-5 minutes in water with ginger
2) Strain and put in a container
3) Remove the heads entrails, skin and bones.
4) Flakes the fish
5) Combine and Mix the carrots, potatoes, garlic and fish flakes
6) Grind. Add pepper, vetsin, eggs and cornstarch.
7) Mash and form balls.
8) Boil fish stock. Drop fish ball one by one into the boiling fish stock. Drain.
9) Deep fry in hot oil
10) Store in sterilized bottles, add 2 % brine solution (1 tsp. salt for every 4 cups of water)
11) Cover and boil for 1 ½ hours
12) Store for 12 days


Fish Ball Sauce

A. Red Sweet & Sour Sauce

1 Ingredients:

1) ½ Cup of vinegar
2) ½ Cup of white sugar
3) 1 Tsp. Catsup, or color
4) 1 Tsp. cornstarch


1) Pour vinegar into pan, dissolve sugar in medium fire
2) Dissolve catsup in ¼ cup of water, mix with vinegar and sugar in pan, slowly simmer.
3) Dissolve cornstarch in ¼ of water, then add to mixture and stir.
4) Turn to high heat for 10 seconds or until consistency is just right.
5) Add grounded pepper (optional)

B. Brown Fish Ball Sauce

1) Same procedures just add Sprite or 7 Up to vinegar and sugar mixture (according to taste) some fish ball vendors use Royal or Orange Soda.
2) For the color and consistency, substitute catsup with soy sauce and cornstarch with flour.
3) Note: For clearly sauce use cornstarch and for merky looking sauce use flour. There is no difference in consistency.

Source: Bohol

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