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Adobong Palaka - Farm Frog  

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Adobong Palaka

Have you try to eat frog meat? In the rural areas some people love to eat frog meat. There are edible and poisonous frogs. The edible one is what they call farm frogs. Because it found in the farm area, so it is likely clean. Usually the folk town cooked it as fry or with soy sauce and vinegar. They catch it in the night time or after the rain. It taste more like of chicken.


1. 1 kilo of Farm Frog
2. Peppercorns
3. 5-8 Bay leaves
4. 1/2 glove Garlic
5. 1 onion - slice
6. 1/2 cup Soy Sauce
7. 1/4 cup Vinegar
8. Chili (for extra hot)
9. Oil
10. 1 Tbsp Sugar

Picture fr. :


1. Clean, cut the head,feet & hand. Remove the skin & internal parts and wash.
2. Cut into 1/2 size or leave it as a whole. Saute the meat till brown.
3. In a casserole add & simmer soy sauce, vinegar, sugar,water, onion, peppercorn and garlic
4. Place the meat in the casserole (slow cooking - 15 minutes).

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